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 What's up, Peeps?

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PostSubject: What's up, Peeps?   Tue Mar 17 2009, 17:11

I am Rogue but I go by other primary names, Raven and Cautious and Mookie with each having the same unique backgrounds and yes, I am notorious but well loved by all. cheers

I am new to the wrestling arena but do have a similar background and I fear no one.

I have martial arts skills [on and off the internet] and wrestling moves don't work well on me because I know how to maneuver and turn things around -- like for instance, me being on top with you pinned down with no way out. The winner of the match being ME! Everytime! Razz

I express myself online using Photoshop and the use of the english language.

My favorite wrestler is ME!

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What's up, Peeps?
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