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 Rules of the Forum

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PostSubject: Rules of the Forum   Mon Mar 16 2009, 05:24

In Character
1) No pre-made wrestling character. This will result in a automatic banned in account.
2) While Role Playing, unless told other words, do not, and I repeat, DO NOT try to get a contract change, unless you're going to the other site division or storyline writer agrees with it.
3) While making a profile/contract, also state how long you want to stay with us.
4) More TBA

Out of Character Rules
1) Do not troll, flame, make discouraging remarks, or anything of that nature to the members, staff, or board in general.
2) If you make a accident post in the forums, tell a staff member, and they'll take care of it. I promise you. However, if we detect it's not on accident, it will be auto-banned, no warning.
3) This forums is basically for amateurs, rookies, and what not. Have patients, and work with them if you're a oldie.
4) Please keep all out of characters in the out character's forums. Thank you.
5) More TBA.
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Rules of the Forum
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