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 Character Profile

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PostSubject: Character Profile   Mon Mar 16 2009, 05:18

[color=orange] XWE contract[/color]
Character's Picture: [img]Insert character's picture[/img]
Character's Name:
Character's Date of Birth:
Character's Age:
Character's Sex:
Character's Manger:
Character's Theme Song:
Character's Branch:
Character's Home town:
Character's Billed:
Character's Background Story:
Character's Outfit:
Character's Color theme:
Character's Titantron Video: (Desribe what it shows)
Character's Gimmick:
Character's Quotes and Saying:
Character's Finishing Move: [Need at least 3]
Character's Set Up Moves:[Minimum of 6]
Character's Sub Moves: [Minimum of 2]
Sample RP:
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Character Profile
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